Suffragists and Suffragettes collection

Suffragists & Suffragettes

The early years of the Suburb before World War I coincided with the height of the campaign for women’s suffrage. The arson attack on the Free Church by suffragettes was well known, but the recent publication of 1911 Census returns revealed the presence of numerous suffragists and suffragettes living in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Some avoided the Census, refused to complete their census forms or ‘spoiled’ them with slogans .

Further research has revealed that there were many female (and some male) residents who were active in the cause of women’s suffrage and most of the suffrage groups were represented in the Suburb. Some residents were prominent in the movement, others less so. New names continue to emerge, but the Suffragists and Suffragettes collection reveals events within HGS, as well as those who lived here during the campaign or later.

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Suffragists and Suffragettes collection
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