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Jessey Wade

Jessey Wade

Lived at: 3 Temple Fortune Farm (now 221 Hampstead Way)

Dates: 1859-1952

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • WFL

1911 Census:
  • Refuser/evader. Annotated the front of the form “Absent from home on 2nd April” and signed herself Jessey Wade
  • The enumerator wrote in her name and stated it was an 'Open House'

Militant Activities:
  • Wade's home was an Open House on Census night, providing a place for women seeking to evade registration in the Census to stay. She wrote that she would be away from home and didn't give her details

Other information:
  • Secretary of the Humanitarian League (opposed cruelty to all sentient beings, both human and animal)
  • Co-founder of several animal welfare organisations including Cats Protection League and predecessor organisation of the League Against Cruel Sport

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