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Margaret Stockman

Margaret Stockman

Dates: Unknown

Lived at: 180 Willifield Way

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)
  • Probable WFL member

Key roles:
  • Prominent member of the Women's Group of the Fabian Society
  • Fabian speaker at suffrage rallies including at the Hyde Park Coronation rally
  • Presided at the first public meeting of the Barnet branch of the WSPU in 1910

1911 Census return
  • Margaret and her husband were census refusers in 1911. She wrote on the form: ‘I refuse all information to a government which governs me without my consent.’ ‘In the absence of the legal occupier, a woman not a person.’

Militant Activities:
  • Unknown, but she was a member of the WSPU and presided at one of their meetings.

Other achievements:
  • Margaret was a graduate
  • She taught about socialism and campaigned for women's political and economic emancipation
  • Active in the Fabian Society and Independent Labour Party

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