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Bessie Drysdale

Bessie Drysdale

Dates: 1871-1950

Lived at: 49 Rotherwick Road

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • WSPU
  • Women's Freedom League (WFL)

Key roles:
  • Founder member of the WFL
  • National Executive Committee member
  • Frequent speaker on women's health and contraception

1911 Census:
  • Refused to provide information and wrote a rebellious return, signed as a member of the Women's Freedom League

Militant Activities:
  • Arrested in February 1907 when delegates from the Women's Parliament in Caxton Hall marched on the Houses of Parliament
  • Imprisoned in Holloway for 21 days

Other achievements:
  • Assisted her husband in establishing the Walworth Women's Welfare Centre
  • Wrote for 'The Freewoman' magazine which discussed a range of feminist topics including women's enfranchisement, sexuality, and women's rights
  • Did campaigning and educational work on contraception and women's health after WW1

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