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Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall

Dates: 1880-1961

Lived at:

  • 2 Linnell Drive (approximately 1924-1960)

Suffrage organisation:
  • National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS)

Key roles:
  • Initially active in Lake District and NW England as a speaker and organiser.
  • Became Parliamentary Secretary at NUWSS headquarters in London,
  • Head of the Election Fighting Fund (EFF) committee.

1911 Census:
  • Complied

Militant Activities:
  • Marshall was a suffragist and not a suffragette, and thus she did not participate in militant activities. Instead, she worked within the NUWSS to campaign for women's suffrage through peaceful and law-abiding means.

Other achievements:
  • Marshall played a crucial role in establishing the EFF committee, which backed Labour candidates in by-elections in order to promote the cause of women's suffrage.
  • She was a committed pacifist and left the NUWSS over their support for the war in 1914, but remained committed to female suffrage.

  • Marshall is recognized on the Fawcett statue unveiled in 2018.

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