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Gladice Georgina Keevil

Gladice Georgina Keevil

Dates: 1884-1959

Lived at: 180 Willifield Way (after marriage until early 1920s)

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)

Key roles:
  • National Organiser for the Midlands, set up a new regional office in Birmingham

1911 Census return:
  • Recorded as a Suffragette Speaker on father’s census return at Clitterhouse Farm, Hendon
  • Evader so not shown at 180 Willifield Way

Militant Activities:
  • Arrested in 1908 (14/2/08) for resisting arrest and obstructing the police during a suffrage march in London, sentenced to six weeks in Holloway Prison

Other achievements:
  • Became a popular speaker for the WSPU,
  • Addressed crowds of up to 250,000 people at suffrage events

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Gladice Georgina Keevil
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