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Edith How-Martyn

Edith How-Martyn

Dates: 1875-1954

Lived at: 38 Hogarth Hill

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • WSPU
  • founding member WFL
  • founding member Women’s Tax Resistance League

Key roles:
  • Executive WSPU until 1907
  • Founding member of the National Executive Committee and Hon Sec WFL
  • Editor of The Vote (WFL journal)

1911 Census return
  • Resisted and wrote rebellious return. Her home was an 'Open House' for evaders

Militant Activities:
  • Imprisoned Holloway for one month 1906 for "scuffling with police" while attempting to make a speech in the lobby of the House of Commons.
  • Involved in non-violent illegal acts with the WFL, including an attempt to disrupt the King's procession to the February 1909 opening of Parliament.

Other achievements:
  • First female member of Middlesex County Council
  • First female chair of Middlesex CC
  • Birth control campaigner

Memorialised: on Fawcett statue in Parliament Square

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