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Margaret Grace Bondfield

Margaret Grace Bondfield

Dates: 17 March 1873 – 16 June 1953

Lived at: 8 Denman Drive (short-term resident of HGS)

1911 Census:

  • Completed census.
  • Argued against boycott, spoke in favour of census data collection as a means for future welfare reform.

Suffrage organisation(s):
  • Women’s Labour League,
  • Adult Suffrage Society,
  • People’s Suffrage Federation.
  • Believed in universal suffrage without property qualification.

Key roles:
  • Secretary of Women’s Labour League,
  • Chair of Adult Suffrage Society,
  • Lecturer for Labour Party and Independent Labour Party,

Militant Activities:
  • None

Other achievements:
  • Involved in trade union work for most of her life,
  • First woman elected to TUC General Council and became Chair in 1923

  • Blue plaque in Hove, East Sussex, where she worked in a drapery and embroidery business, and
  • Chard, Somerset where she was born.

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Margaret Grace Bondfield
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