Kerem Prospectus 1960
Kerem Prospectus 1960
Kerem Prospectus 1960

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Extract from the 1960 Kerem prospectus

"The Kerem school is a preparatory department for children between the ages of five and 11 years. It provides this first formal education stage which the groundwork has been laid at the kindergarten the to forming an integrated whole

The secular curriculum comprises all the normal school subjects as well as painting, crafts, drama and music. Prominent place is naturally accorded to Hebrew studies which include the reading and translation prayerbook Bible,Mishnah and other religious knowledge in history..By by precept and practice the faith of Judaism and the Jewish way of life are instilled.

Special attention is paid to the needs of the older children who are preparing for admission to grammar and public schools.

Supervised games and recreation and educational visits are important life of school life. The school has the use of the Lyttleton playing fields where facilities are reserved for football cricket netball and tennis the carom school is registered by the Ministry of education.

The Kerem school is open 9 AM to 4 PM daily lunch is supplied daily at a charge of two shillings and six pence. A free medical and dental expections is periodically carried out.

Fees 22 guineas per term."

Kerem Prospectus 1960
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