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Free Church Centenary Mug
Free Church Centenary Mug
Free Church Centenary Mug

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This mug was produced by the Free Church in 2010 to celebrate its centenary. 

Physical Object, HGSFC42
Free Church Centenary Mug
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Early views of the free church
The Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church, located in Central Square with St Judes Church and Henrietta Barnett School nearby. Set up in 1910 it has been active in the community for over a century.
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A collection of all the different centenaries around the Suburb, from the Suburb itself in 2007 to St Jude's 100 year anniversary in 2011.

Free Church Centenary Mug
A number of items and photographs produced to celebrate 100 years of the Free Church on the Suburb.
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These mugs were created by St Jude's Church to celebrate their centenary, having been part of the Suburb for 100 years. 

Hampstead Garden Suburb Centenary Mug
This mug was produced for the centenary of the founding of the Suburb in 2007, and were available for residents to buy. 

Mug created to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Free Church in 1985