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90th Anniversary Exhibition - Social Life
90th Anniversary Exhibition - Social Life
90th Anniversary Exhibition - Social Life

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This photo board displays the variety of social life during the Suburb's history, including the construction and life of both the Free Church and St Jude's. It also depicts the Play and Paegent Union and the Club House which was destroyed in 1940. 

Photograph, HGSAT6
90th Anniversary Exhibition - Social Life
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Henrietta Barnett cutting the first sod
The Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives Trust is a registered charity, known as Suburb Archives. It is responsible for ensuring that the archives of the suburb are properly cared for and are accessible to all.
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90th Anniversary Exhibition - Beginnings
A series of photo boards documenting the history of the Suburb, made in time to commemorate with the Suburb's 90th Anniversary in 1997
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90th Anniversary Exhibition - Beginnings
A board of photos documenting the Barnett's before they set up the Suburb, including pictures of the influential group of men that helped her set the trust up. 

90th Anniversary Exhibition - Building
This picture board shows the initial building of the Suburb, much of which in 1907 including Henrietta Barnett cutting the first sod, the laying of the foundation stones of the first cottages on Hampstead Way and the opening of Golders Green Station in 1907. 

These picture boards shows Henrietta Barnett's work with children throughout the suburb and her commitment to making the Suburb an area where children have the opportunity to grow up and lead happy lives, following her experiences in Whitechapel. 

Pictures include the first baby boy born on the Suburb in 1908 and Childs Way School in 1913

This picture board displays some of the photos that Henrietta Barnett took which documents her early plans for the Suburb and her compassion for the working classes, especially children.
Pictures depict her time in Whitechapel and inspiration from similar projects in Bourneville and Port Sunlight. 

This picture board displays the enthusiasm in the early part of the Suburb's life, towards creating and maintaining gardens and green spaces, the legacy of whom lives on today. 

Photos include Big Wood and Gardens of residents. 

This picture board provides photos of both Samuel and Henrietta Barnett as well as a biography for them both detailing their lives before the formation of the Suburb and after. 

This photo shows the opening of the Hampstead Garden Suburb Club House on the 15th of February 1909. However the Club House was sadly destroyed during the Second World War and was eventually replaced by Fellowship House.