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"The Stairs" 1933

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A pageant performed by the Play and Pageants Union in 1933, The Stairs, this photo showing the cast.

Photograph, HGSAT42
"The Stairs" 1933
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1913 June Masque
Formed after World War I in 1920 after uniting the Pageant Committee with the indoor dramatic activities of the Suburb, it eventually merged with the Speedwell Players in 1966 to form the Garden Suburb Theatre which is still active now.

Henrietta Barnett cutting the first sod
The Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives Trust is a registered charity, known as Suburb Archives. It is responsible for ensuring that the archives of the suburb are properly cared for and are accessible to all.
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1913 June Masque
Series of photos and documents aiming to display the long history of pageants performed in the Suburb, sometimes celebratory and others more dramatically focussed.
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1913 June Masque
This was a pageant performed by the Play and Pageants Union
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This early pageant put on by the Suburb's Play and Pageant Union, showing various costume's for the 1927 effort The
Fool's Holiday.

These photos show the cast and production of the pageant Adam Bell in 1931, which was performed in front of the Queen Mother (Duchess of York at the time) when she made a visit to the Suburb.

This picture shows the pageant ground in Little Wood that was used from 1920 onwards for performances.

1913 June Masque
These show both the poster and the cast photo for the 1913 June Masque