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Pre Suburb - Farmland View

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This photo shows one of the views looking south over 80 acres of open space upon which the Suburb was built. The cows show us just how rural the area was before Henrietta Barnett and the Trust bought it and created the Suburb.

The writing underneath is that of Henrietta Barnett herself. 

Photograph, HGSAT124
Pre Suburb - Farmland View
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Henrietta Barnett cutting the first sod
The Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives Trust is a registered charity, known as Suburb Archives. It is responsible for ensuring that the archives of the suburb are properly cared for and are accessible to all.

Henrietta Barnett in profile
Born in 1856 Henrietta Barnett founded the Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1906 as an area to the north of London with affordable housing and green spaces so the working clas did not have to live in the slums she experienced in Whitechapel. 
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Pre Suburb - Farmland View
These are a series of photos from the Archive Trust which display the area we all now know as Hampstead Garden Suburb, before it was ever built.
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Pre Suburb - Nature Conservation
These photos show the examples of trees, hedges and other spots of natural beauty that Henrietta Barnett aimed to preserve when she built the Suburb.

These two photos, with Henrietta Barnett's handwritten captions, show the spectacular views from the proposed Garden Suburb plot.

This photo, with Henrietta Barnett's handwritten caption beneath, shows Wyldes Farm House which, as Dame Henrietta pointed out, was planned to be the gateway to the Hampstead Heath extension. Today it is on the corner of Hampstead Way and Wildwood Road with direct access to the Heath Extension.

It is a historic property which at one point was occupied by Charles Dickens, but also Raymond Unwin the co-planner of the Suburb and a plaque remains on the house commemorating him.