Dudley Heath - Little Oak Wood

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This painting is by Suburb artist Dudley Heath, his watercolour depiction of Little Oak Wood is from the back of his garden, 74 Addison Way. 

Physical Object, DH1
Dudley Heath - Little Oak Wood
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Dudley Heath - Little Oak Wood
Series of paintings and drawings but Suburb Resident and artist Dudley Heath and his wife Mary. 
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Paintings from Suburb News
These paintings and illustrations are from a centenary edition of Suburb News and provide an interesting insight into the early years of Hampstead Garden Suburb, the earliest depiction by William Ratcliffe dating back to 1914. The Peach Blossom trees beautifully portrayed by Dudley Heath are no longer in the Suburb due to their short life spans and propensity to disease. 

Thispainting is by Mary Heath and shows the field beyond mutton brook, from the gate of her house, 74 Addison Way. This was painted pre 1924 as the view depicted by Mary Heath here would now be of the A1. 

This painting by Suburb resident and artist Dudley Heath, is of Hogarth Hill with bright peach blossom lining the street. 

This drawing is by local artist Dudley Heath, believed to be in relation to the construction of the A1, cutting the Suburb in half. This would have been particularly distressing for Heath as he lived at 74 Addison Way which directly faces the A1.