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The Orchard, located off Hampstead Way between Temple Fortune Hill and Asmuns Hill, was an important feature of the early Suburb where the elderly could be housed. After damage, and subsidence, it was demolished and replaced in the 1970s. It is run by the Orchard Housing Society, a not for profit registered social landlord that exists to provide rented sheltered accommodation for the older members of the Suburb (or the parents of Suburb residents) who are in need of sheltered housing. Recently a communal room was created, which can also be hired by Suburb residents for parties and other events. For more information, refer to http://orchardhousingsociety.co.uk/.

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Built off Hampstead Way, the Orchard was established to increase housing for the elderly.

After years of damage and subsidence, the building was demolished and replaced.

A new common room was built to be booked by tenants for events.

Currently, the house is administered by the society, a non-profit social landlord.