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Emily Janes

Emily Janes


Lived in: Hertfordshire, Hampstead(at 38 Hampstead Way)


Profession: Activist


About her life:


  • Educated at a school in Chesham, she began volunteering with St. Mary’s Church in Ansley soon after.

  • Began working as the secretary to Ellie Hopkins, a prominent womens’ rights activist, in 1882.

  • Later became an integral part of the Ladies’ Associations for the Care of Friendless Girls (LACFG) in 1886, touring around the country to give speeches.

  • Became founding secretary of the Central Conference Council, which helped organize womens’ worker unions.

  • Later helped establish the National Union of Women Workers (NUWW) in 1895.


Interesting Fact:

  • She was a representative at the 1899 International Congress of Women.

Emily Janes
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