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Clive Dunn

Clive Dunn OBE


Lived in: Brixton, Hampstead, Algarve


Profession: Actor


About his life:


  • Attended Sevenoaks School in London and later studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

  • Düring WWII, Dunn joined the British army in 1940 and served in the Greek Campaign, where he and his regiment were captured as prisoners of war for over four years.

  • Resumed his acting career in theatre, but had his first television role in Surprise Attack in 1951.

  • He is most acclaimed for his role as Jack Jones in the famous 1968-77 sitcom ‘Dad’s Army’.

  • Played the role of Charlie Quick in the TV show ‘Granddad’ from 1979-84.


Interesting Fact:

  • During the last three decades of his life, Dunn retired to Algarve in Portugal, where took up painting.

Clive Dunn
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