Siegfried Joseph Charoux

Photograph copyright of the National Portrait Gallery NPG x86678

Siegfried Joseph Charoux, 1896-1967

Lived at: 26 Temple Fortune Hill (1950s-1967)

Profession: Sculptor

Professional work:

  • Eminent Viennese sculptor, who settled in England in 1935.
  • Created major public sculptures including 'The Islanders' for the Festival of Britain, 1951.  Also
  • the cycle 'Civilization’;
  • ‘the Judge' for the Old Bailey Law Courts,
  • 'The Motor Cyclist' for the Shell Building and
  • ‘The Cellist’ which was outside the Royal Festival Hall. 
  • There is Charoux Museum in Langenzersdorf, Austria.

Siegfried Joseph Charoux
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