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Abbeyfield House

The Suburb’s own Abbeyfield house, in a previous guise, was one of the early buildings on the Suburb, at Homesfield off Erskine Hill, and has now been an Abbeyfield home for several decades. 


Abbeyfield House was built in 1912, originally called St Catherine’s, and used by a charity providing hostel accommodation for domestic servants.  The residents earned some money by providing a semi-commercial laundry service for the local community.  In 1925 it was acquired by "The Waifs and Strays Society” (now The Church of England Children’s Society) and was run as a Children’s home until closed in the late 1970s when it was bought by The Hampstead Garden Suburb Abbeyfield Society and re-named Abbeyfield House.  


It was then substantially adapted for use as very sheltered housing for older people, and a lift and other amenities provided.  It was first occupied in 1980 and has been modernised and improved several times since then.  It is now home for 11 residents. The atmosphere is always cheerful, with a lovely rear garden, and open days are notified to the local email forum, [HGS] Lists. For information about occasional vacancies for residents, or for volunteering, contact https://www.abbeyfield.com/eastern/a/abbeyfield-house-nw11-6hl/ or telephone 020 8455 2607.

 www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk cites Historic England as its source for: Grade II listed building with Attached Laundry House.

Abbeyfield House
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Website:       https://www.abbeyfield.com/eastern/a/abbeyfield-house-nw11-6hl/
020 8455 2607 
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Saint Catherine’s was renamed ‘Abbeyfield House’ after being bought by The Hampstead Garden Suburb Abbeyfield Society.

First built in 1912 at Homesfield off Erskine Hill as 'Saint Catherine's'. Initially used to provide accommodation for domestic servants. 

Became a children’s home after being acquired by “The Waifs and Strays Society”, currently known as The Church of England Children’s Society.

Since the 1980s, the house has now been adapted with improvements such as lifts and other amenities to house 11 residents.