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Plays In The Suburb

Photos and documents showing off the more dramatic side of the Suburb, whilst famous for its pageants, also had a more serious Theatrical side. Perhaps displaying the Play side of the P&PU.

Plays In The Suburb
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1913 June Masque
Series of photos and documents aiming to display the long history of pageants performed in the Suburb, sometimes celebratory and others more dramatically focussed.

1066 and All That - Programme 1939
A large number of programmes produced by the Play and Pageant Union for their productions, until their merger with the Speedwell Players in 1966 to create Garden Suburb Theatre. 

1066 and All That - Photos 1939
Photos charting the productions put on by the Play and Pageant Union from the 1930s up until the 1960s when they merged with the Speedwell Players to form Garden Suburb Theatre.